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We've got shows, yes we do. We've got shows, to entertain you. But seriously, we've got shows happening every week. Come out, bring a friend, watch, laugh and cry if so moved. No judgement here.


Bearded Men's Epic Improvised Adventures


The Bearded Men of Minneapolis are back to their signature and highly-acclaimed adventures. From past to the present, from the old west to the far reaches of outer space. Come find out where their adventure will take you.


Every Friday
10:30p CST
HUGE Theater
Minneapolis, MNr

Admission: $7 | Buy in advance here



Bearded Men West Epic Adventures

Bearded Men West presents:

The Beards of the west take you on a new adventure every week. It could be a tale from the old west or a slice of life from the distant future.

One thing is for sure, ANYTHING could happen. Be there. Be part of the adventure…wherever it may take you.


10:30p PST
Impro Studio
Los Angeles, CA

Admission: $5




Dungeons and Dragons on Geek and Sundry

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: The IMPROVISED Campaign on Geek & Sundry

Watch every week as the Bearded Men improvise a D&D adventure where their fate and many of their decisions are decided by the role of a
twenty-sided die. Nerd or not, you’ll love this show.


4:30p PST
Online at




Comedy for Hire

Surprisingly Affordable!


Hire us for your next event. Why, you ask? Why not. Whether your event needs a performance, workshop or hosting, you won't be disappointed. We've performed over 600 shows all over the nation including Minneapolis, Chicago, Fargo, Atlanta, Denver, Vegas, LA and many more. You can hire us for corporate events, holiday parties, anniversaries, proms, graduations, pretty much any event you can think of. We'll customize the entertainment to fit your event and organization. So go ahead and add a little hair to your next event.


Custom Entertainment for your event

• No event too big, too small, or too far away

• We can work with schedules and time restrictions

• Typical performances are 45-60 minutes

• Always age appropriate


More Workshop Info This Way

Custom Workshops for your group

Perfect for corporate training, theater groups and more!

• Learn to think on your feet

• Workshops that are ready to go include:

“All For One: Finding the Group Mind”
“Teamwork and Listening””Creating a Narrative Story”
“Out of Your Head, Into Your Body: Creating Characters”

• Or let us design a custom workshop for you

Available for all ages and experience levels


Custom hosting so you can relax and enjoy your event

• We can find creative games for your giveaways

• Any event, of any size

a few previous clients

  • Cargill
  • Home Depot
  • SAE
  • Relay for Life
  • Public Allies
  • St. Olaf
  • Sabes JCC
  • Bennett
  • Grand View
  • Northstar
  • MSUM

The Beards

So maybe not all of us have real beards. It's the metaphorical beards that count, and those are so long we have to throw them over our shoulders.

Follow us!

  • Matthew Pitner

    Matthew Pitner | LA

    Artistic Director

    Neo-classical Man

  • Joe Rapp

    Joe Rapp | MPLS

    Managing Director

    He’s got neat hair.

  • MJ Marsh

    MJ Marsh | MPLS


    Wit as quick as a whip.

  • Tyler Michaels

    Tyler Michaels | MPLS


    He gets physical

  • Tyler Mills

    Tyler Mills | MPLS


    He’s quite astute.

  • Lucas Vonasek

    Lucas Vonasek | MPLS


    They call him, “Old Silver Tongue”

  • codybeard

    Cody Bushee | LA


    Mr. Smiley

  • torreybeard

    Torrey Halverson | LA


    Nice or Creepy?

  • stevenbeard

    Steven Molony | LA


    He’s serious. About Laughs.

  • paulbeard

    Paul Vonasek | LA


    A tall drink of water.

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More clips and videos here


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Minneapolis, MN

Performance Site:

HUGE Theater
3037 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Los Angeles, CA

Performance Site:

Impro Studio
1727 North Vermont Ave #208
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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