Tomorrow, the Bearded Men of Minneapolis and the Bearded Men of Los Angeles embark on 15 hour journeys to meet in Colorado. It marks the first, of hopefully many times, Bearded Men Improv and Bearded Men West team up for workshops, shows and a festival.

Because of this, Matt and I decided, why not call this a tour. Sure, it’s only two cities, and sure, it’s only a couple workshops and a few shows, but hey, we’re all driving 15 hours each way. We’re basically touring the country in the most basic sense, then getting to do what we love in an amazing state. Honestly, I sometimes have to stop and wonder how this is even real, but then I remember all the Beards, and how much time, passion and soul these guys have put into these groups. We’re such a unit that for the most part we get complimented as a group, but all of these guys are so talented individually it blows my mind and I just hope that people see that as well.

We are nothing if not a fairly clever group with all the weird crap we’ve done over the years, but I am so unbelievably excited to go on this ridiculous “Beards in the Mountains” mini-tour. I’m sure we’ll get a fair amount of people (we have already) that will remind us that this isn’t much of a tour, especially in comparison with the tour we did last year, but that doesn’t really matter. We get to see some cool places, teach some cool people and perform stories that we make up together and that is FUCKING AWESOME.

I can’t help but get a little choked up when I think about how far we’ve come. From a college group in Fargo, North Dakota making no money, to having a group in Minneapolis and Los Angeles and making very little money. I don’t care what people say, we have the most fun of anyone making very little money.

If you can, catch us on the road this week, or whenever we have shows here in Minneapolis or in LA.

All for one. All for Beards.