Boom! Another Monday, another, “Know a Beard. Love a Beard.” This round, it’s the man with that slow walk and smooth, deep talk.

Lucas Vonasek. With his beautifully low and mellow voice, he’s the most recognizable of the group if you can only hear us talking. People are so drawn to that voice, but Lucas is so much more than that. The voice draws you in, but his delightfully goofy personality is what gets you in the end. He’s always got a joke up his sleeve, always ready to pick you up when you’re feeling down. He’s gifted at always being a good shoulder to lean on.

As an actor/improvisor, he’s unafraid to play characters with raw emotion and really take the audience on a personal journey. Many of his characters are remembered by audiences because of how real they were, and I don’t think there is a bigger compliment than that. That being said, I’ve laughed more than my fair share at the ridiculous characters he’s played as well. He’s extremely versatile. Lucas was cast in the Bearded Men in 2008-ish when we were still in Fargo. He’s one of my go-to guys whenever I need help with, well, anything. This is a guy I truly rely on.

He’s a poet and he does know it. Like Tyler Mills, Lucas is a writer, but he’s focused more on poetry. It’s what I believe really makes him a fantastic actor, he sees much more of the underlying meaning in everything. If I would read even half of the poetry books he’s recommended to me over the years, I’d probably be a better actor too. Aside from the Bearded Men and other HUGE Theater shows, he performs regularly in ComedySportz at CSz Twin Cities. I haven’t seen a type of performing this guy doesn’t do, scripted theater, unscripted theater, film and sketch. He’s the whole package.

Lucas is the type of person people always like to work with. He’s giving, understanding, but isn’t afraid to share his own opinion. People that haven’t seen this guy perform truly have no idea what they’re missing. Just another hidden treasure of the Twin Cities performing arts scene, but hopefully not for long. Bearded Men has come a long way with Lucas right there with us. Great friend. Great guy.

Written by:
Joe Rapp
Managing Director

Photos: Ryan Haro