If anyone has had a conversation with Joe Rapp, there’s a good chance that he has mentioned poop or something poop-centric with or without you knowing it. However, there’s nothing poopy about him and you can take that to the bank.

Joe does so much for Bearded Men Improv from performing, directing the group, handling the group’s finances to creating the online marketing materials. I could continue to go on and on about what Joe does for the group from big things to every little small thing, but I’d rather tell you some things that he does so well that so few may know and what he means to his friends.

Joe is a fantastic writer. He has co-directed and co-produced a short film called The Debate this is in the Z-Fest Film Festival. Joe is a terrific actor with considerable range where he can drive you to tears either with his hilarious instincts or his dramatic prowess. He currently has a film debuting at the 2015 Fargo Film Festival called If Memory Serves in which he acts. Joe is also a spectacular director of theatre who pushes anyone involved to go that extra step. I know this from firsthand experience. He directed me and a scampish Matt Pitner in The Zoo Story a few years ago when I barely knew him. He is also an avid hockey fan and is my go-to-guy when it comes to anything regarding cars. Ask him about his sweet old Mitsubishi Galant.

Along with an infectious laugh and an insatiable drive to be better at all he chooses to do,Joe is the kind of friend that everyone deserves to have. He’s caring, inspiring and kind. Personally, he makes me strive to be a better person. A very driven and determined individual, he taught himself how to use the many programs of the Adobe Creative Suite to further his professional career and to create a distinct brand for Bearded Men Improv. A definite trait that I admire.

I’ve always looked up to Joe. I routinely seek his advice for my personal and professional life. Without Joe, Bearded Men Improv probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as it has. Without him, Bearded Men would have likely imploded a few years ago and I’d be nowhere near who I am today as person. He is the coal that keeps The Bearded Locomotive going down the tracks and one of my best friends.

Stay poopy. Stay you, Joe.


Written by:
Lucas Vonasek
Tour Manager

Photos: Ryan Haro