Swords & Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign


Swords & Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign is the latest evolution of  the Bearded Men’s popular, Dungeons & Dragons-style show. It combines fantasy, action-controlling dice rolls and the Bearded Men’s signature unscripted adventure storytelling style. Nerd or not, this show truly has something for everyone. Sit back (or on the edge of your seat), and join us for an adventure where anything can happen.

The Bearded Men have been performing and teaching together nationally and internationally since 2006. They utilize their theater backgrounds to create improvised stories that are both exciting and compelling. They have performed over 700 shows, and have been invited to and headlined comedy and improv festivals all over the country. Originally based solely in Minneapolis, they expanded to LA with a second group in 2014.



Tyler MichaelsTyler Michaels

Tyler is a performer, improviser, and director based in the Twin Cities. He has been a member of Bearded Men Improv since it formed in 2006. He has worked and played with the Guthrie Theater, Children’s Theater Company, Theater Latté Da, Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Illusion Theater, as well as many others. Tyler holds the 2014 Emerging Artist Ivey Award. He is also the Founder and Artistic Director of Trademark Theater.

Lucas VonasekLucas Vonasek

Lucas is actor/improviser and writer in Minneapolis. He’s been performing with Bearded Men since 2008 and ComedySportz Twin Cities since 2013. He is also a writer and performer on Late Nights Minneapolis. Beyond performing with the Bearded Men, he is also the group’s Tour Manager, handling the bulk of communication. Lucas has never had a Toblerone and doesn’t want one, so don’t ask him.

MJ MarshMJ Marsh

MJ is an actor/improviser and bartender in Minneapolis. He has been a member of Bearded Men since 2010 and a ComedySportz Twin Cities player since 2011. He is also a teacher at HUGE Improv Theater and he also regularly coaches many improv groups in the Twin Cities. MJ likes fat beats and skinny jeans.

Tyler MillsTyler Mills

Tyler is a playwright and improviser living in Minneapolis. He joined Bearded Men in 2010. He wrote the book for the musical Jonah and the Whale that premiered to sold out audiences in the Guthrie’s Dowling Studio in 2014. His other plays include Hello Stranger, one of the most reviewed shows of the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival and To The Moon, winner of its venue’s Encore Performance in the 2015 Minnesota Fringe. He is also Artistic Associate/Resident Playwright for Trademark Theater.

Joe RappJoe Rapp

Joe is an actor/improvisor and director in Minneapolis. He helped co-found Bearded Men Improv in 2006. He serves as Bearded Men’s Managing Director. He teaches improv at HUGE Improv Theater, is a member of ComedySportz Twin Cities and is host of Late Nights Minneapolis. He can be found during the normal daylight hours doing freelance graphic design. He’s more interesting than he appears.

Allen Voigt – Dungeon Master
Allen is a huge nerd. He probably is a druid of Cuthulu or some other cult. If you see him in public without dice, it’s not him. Likely a Doppleganger or magic user casting Disguise Self. Whatever, he rolls the dice for us and tells us our fate, maybe he’s a Prophet. Who knows? …Allen does.

Jack Barrett – Accompanist

Bradley Machov – Technical Director
Bradley has been an improvisor and theater tech for over five years. A Level 20 Sorcerer behind the buttons, he was born in serene Golden Valley, but raised in the mysterious dark world from which all booth techs emerge, reentering the world of mortals like a drow from the Underdark — but even more sinister.



We can’t begin to even say how much we love this show. Imaginative, fun and well done. Hit the Lights Theater Company really hits it out of the park with this. Go to this, you are sure to be entertained.

Blackout Improv
We can’t say enough how great Blackout is. They have been and continue to do great things for the improv and comedy community in the Twin Cities. This is a show you won’t want to miss!

De Hjerteløse [The Heartless]
Check out this original devised piece from WAR Theater. It deals with themes of mental health and illness through a mix of theater and dance. Go check it out.



A very special thank you to Josh Kuehn, Meagan Kedrowski, HUGE Theater, Theatre in the Round, Minnesota Fringe, and of course our families and friends.

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