Our workshops are great for everyone.

We’ve taught workshops for theater groups, corporate groups, adults and children and for all experience levels, all over the country. Many of our group members are also improv teachers at our home theater, so you can trust our experience.

Bearded Men workshops can help you learn skills including:
-Better Listening
-Increasing Creativity
-Group mind/Team Building
-The power of “yes, and…”

…and so much more.

Feel like improv is too scary? We get that.
Let us prove to that you can do it.

We can make a custom workshop just for you or choose from one of our tried and true workshops listed below.

“Improv Basics: Making it up on the Spot”
The basics. Listening, agreeing, adding. Learn the skills to hop up and say “yes, and”. The Bearded Men’s philosophy is that anyone can improvise. You’ll learn to think on your feet faster, listen better and agree more. These are skills you already have, and the Bearded Men will help you let them out and hone them so you are an improvising machine… or at least more confident in your abilities.

This workshop is appropriate for improvisers of all levels.

“All For One: Finding the Group Mind”
The Bearded Men have the tools and the philosophy to aide in fast tracking you to be able to reach a fused connection onstage that reverberates throughout your performance as well as your group’s offstage relationships. Learn how to turn individual improvisers into a solid group. Learn how to be your own director, able to give and receive feedback with your team with an open mind. Find your group’s individuality and learn how to market your brand to festivals, theaters, and businesses.

This workshop is appropriate for improvisers of all levels.

“Genre Workout: Tools to Master any Genre”
We all have the power to tell a story. The Bearded Men will show you how to create a story with engaging characters, relationships, environments and a clear beginning, middle and end. Learn how to create a powerful (likely or unlikely) hero and follow them on a journey that includes obstacles, triumphs and failures all while getting them to the end of their journey. You will explore genre, how to use it to help quickly understand the world you’re in and make a more powerful and rich story for you and the audience.

This workshop is appropriate for mid to advanced improvisers.

“Character Driven: The Doorway Into Story”
Great characters are where great stories begin. The Bearded Men will provide the tools to take your characters from the surface to the core. Learn to quickly dive in and commit to engaging characters that will guide you into richer scene work and fuller stories. We’ll examine how character needs, wants and beliefs can take a story one step further and draw the audience in. Because great stories aren’t all about saving the world, but about the characters that save it.

This workshop is appropriate for mid to advanced improvisers.

“Creating Characters: Awesome and Engaging”
The Bearded Men have developed the tools to create full and awesome characters. Learn how to use your full range of physical and vocal qualities as well as a deeper dive under the skin. You will be able to immediately find the deep, core qualities and drive of your characters, creating engaging characters that could easily outlast your show.

This workshop is appropriate for improvisers of all levels.

“Improvised Feats: Stage Combat, Slow Motion, Narrative Scene Painting”

A staple of Bearded Men shows are their improvised feats. Learn the tools necessary to paint fully realized worlds, throw an improvised punch(safely), use slow motion to engage the audience and so much more. When executed purposefully and correctly, these change a good show into a great one.

This workshop is appropriate for mid to advanced improvisers.


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